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What is 75x?

75x will be a 10-15 minute weekly series (Every Wednesday) that is geared towards the NO BS, REAL TALK, Enhanced/NSFW Language , Entrepreneurial, Highly Motivated professionals who are looking for that extra spice.

I am going to be honest. 75x is not for everyone. This series will have a lot to do with my experiences and lessons I am learning during my 75 Hard journey. It is about breaking bad habits and forming new ones, on the way to transformation.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in make sure to subscribe to the Mortgage X Podcast so you don't miss any episodes. 

75x is also a video series streamed exclusively on the MortfFlix streaming app. 

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What is 75 Hard?

75 Hard was developed by Andy Frisella and you can learn all the details about the program here

I also encourage you to subscribe to Andy Frisella's podcast REAL AF for extra motivation. Just be warned that it is REAL AF. 

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I am here to help and support those that decide to go all-in on 75 Hard. Any questions or requests please email me at 75x@marketinginterrupt.com.