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Like Kip in Napoleon Dynamite, I love technology. I started my corporate career off as an IT geek and have taken my technology upbringing and transitioned that into a career in Strategy and  Marketing. Luckily for me technology has become deeply entwined with marketing and strategy which I believe gives me a unique perspective. 

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I am a seasoned mortgage executive, award winning marketer, technologist, strategist, podcast host, and a national marketing speaker. Overall I have more than 20 years of expertise in marketing, technology startups and venture capital, holding various senior-level positions along the way. I have been blessed to work for and alongside the most talented innovators, disrupters, and visionaries of Silicon Valley, affectionately known as “The PayPal Mafia”.

Presently, I have a "few" responsibilities. I am the Chief Strategy Officer for EPM and a Marketing Coach for the Next Level Loan Officers coaching group. I also have Mortgage X Creative which is my personal brand that includes the Mortgage X Podcast, Mortgage X Mastermind, Mortgage Interrupt Podcast, and the REAL Disrupt Podcast Collaborative. For extra credit I also sit on the Board of Directors for the Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals.

Without going into a long diatribe about why I have incorporated X into my brand, it all starts with X being used to signify a value that is not yet known or a variable. To me a variable is dynamic and not static. Being dynamic fosters innovation. Since entering the mortgage industry in 2009 our industry has been anything but dynamic. The status quo mentality is what opened the door to massive disruption and lead to iterations of subpar solutions as opposed to true innovation. 

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